Tanks & Fields


Septic Tanks


Septic Tanks are located on the property underground and are calculated by house size.

  • 1-2 bedroom home requires a 750 gallon tank
  • 3 bedroom home requires a 1000 gallon tank
  • 4 bedroom home requires a 1200 gallon tank
  • 5-6 bedroom home requires a 1500 gallon tank


Septic Pump Out


We first locate the man hole on the property we then insert a hose down into the tank and begin the pumping process.  After the tank is drained, we inspect the tank for damage such as leaks, damage to baffles, structural issues and cracks, which may cause seepage onto the property.


Septic Inspection & Troubleshooting


Understanding how your septic system works is very important.  Action Septic offers insight as to what you have installed and its particular requirements.  All our inspections are honoured by the Health Department, loans and most mortgage companies, which puts a step above.

It is recommended to have your septic field pumped out yearly.  During your yearly cleaning of your septic field, inspections are done on the drain field, seepage beds, soil condition and absorption areas.  Weather is also a big factor in determining how efficiently your septic system operates.