Our Services


There are many aspects that make a septic system run smoothly.  Action Septic has complete knowledge on all parts of a septic system, confidently completing any repairs that may be encountered.


Filter Cleaning


Filter cleaning is recommended once a year, newer systems usually just require cleaning, while some older systems may require replacement.  Equipping your septic system with a septic filter alarm, will warn you when your filter needs to be cleaned.  Your septic filter is designed to catch any material that would normally go into the drain field.  It is very important to have your filter checked regularly, to ensure that solid waste is not dispersed into your seepage bed.

The filter is located on the outlet of the septic tank and cleaning of the filter takes minutes and is usually done with a hose.  After the cleaning is done, it is then re-inserted back into the housing.


Automotive/Commercial Sump Pumping


When you trust in Action Septic you can be confident that your business needs are met with professional and timely approach.  We service car washes, automotive sumps, car dealerships and all other commercial needs.  Action Septic will work out a schedule that will best suit all your needs.


Holding Tanks


There are some circumstances where a septic field cannot be installed.  In this case, your only option is a holding tank.  Action Septic’s qualified team can best advise you on your options and offer advice on how to maximize your holding tanks usage length, saving you money.